Agreement Asmat

Seacology provides four motorboats to allow villagers to patrol the inshore fishing area. The Indopapazifische Conservation Alliance (IPCA), which has been working with the villages of Asmat since 1998, will help coordinate patrols. The IPCA will provide training to enable villagers to monitor fishing outside of fishing and to implement previous agreements with fishing companies. 1962 Indonesian troops attempt to land on Western New Guinea to pressure the Netherlands to annex the territory with them. A treaty between the Netherlands and Indonesia was signed on 15 August 1962, under the aegis of the United States (diplomat Ellsworth Bunker) and the United Nations. The agreement was forwarded to the United Nations on 1 October 1962. The agreement provides that Indonesia will receive, on 1 May 1963, the management of the disputed western part of Dutch New Guinea. Day 1: Participants gather at Jakarta Airport (Indonesia) in the late evening. Then go to Timika (Papua).

Day 2: Visit timika, visit a market place, arrange the necessary permissions. Day 3: Departure by small plane (Twinotter) to Agatsu. Day 4 – 6: We drive with small motorboats against the river. Then we stop in a village of Asmat to see their fascinating wood carving. After consultation, the Asmats can organize an event about how their small gouged boats were used during the war. Beautiful landscapes that can only be offered by a tropical river, with the possibility of going fishing (you must bring fishing gear). Day 7 – 15: We hire porters and walk to the first village of trees. Then spend the night in the village. Trekking through the Korovai region.

During this hike, we stay longer in the villages because we focus on a deeper understanding of the lives of the inhabitants of the Korovai trees. Day 16: (optional) departure by rented plane to Wamena – Baliem Valley. Day 17: Visit to Wamena, local market square and visit the Lani tribe (short show). Day 18: visit to the villages of Dani: mummy in Jiwica, making fire, roast pork, fascinating battle reenactment, dances, songs, excursion to a salt lake and observing how salt is “extracted” with banana palm stems. Day 19: departure by plane to Sentani (Jayapura), capital of the Indonesian province of Papua.