Aliexpress Agreement

18.3 The validity, interpretation, modification, execution and settlement of disputes concerning these clauses shall be governed by the laws of the Russian Federation. All controversies arising from the signing, execution or interpretation of this Agreement shall be settled by mutual agreement. In the absence of an agreement, you and Alibaba UK agree to submit to the competent jurisdiction on the Alibaba UK website. • you have breached an agreement with companies related to Alibaba UK; “platform” or “market market market” means the electronic commercial platform located under [] or [] or a succession and/or domain page that we advertise from time to time. The market is operated by AliExpress Russia Holding Private Limited, a subsidiary of Alibaba UK, and is supported by Alibaba UK in the Russian Federation. 3.2.1. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the seller, after the registration and successful conclusion of this contract by the seller, is by default entitled to sell its products on the commercial electronic marketplace under []. The seller has the right to obtain permission from Alibaba UK for admission to the marketplace in []. Alibaba UK decides on such an application for authorisation, based on internal rules and procedures. Договор оказания транзакционных услуг (; Cоглашение для услуги “Удобный возврат” ( xii. Global Convention.

This Agreement, together with its Annexes and annexes and documents, to which reference is made, is the complete and exclusive agreement between the Parties concerning the subject matter of this Agreement, which supersedes all prior agreements and notifications (written and oral) concerning this subject, with the exception of fraudulent misrepresentation. This Agreement may only be modified by a written document, which is executed by both parties, or if its rights are waived. e) If the seller has entered into a transactional agreement with a buyer on a particular product, Alibaba UK is entitled to cancel such transaction at its discretion. Alibaba UK has the right to inform the buyer of the termination of this agreement during the transaction. 3.2 By clicking on the “Accept” button or signing this Agreement, you accept this Agreement and agree to abide by it in all its terms. Easy Return Rules ( “Platform” means the platform for third-party content services by social media users for sellers of at the following address: “you”, “your” means the user successfully registered to participate in the Program as a seller or participant. 1.1 The parties comply with this agreement. The purpose of this agreement is to regulate the conditions under which the seller may offer the sale of products on the AliExpress platform (as defined below). B. Alibaba includes an e-commerce conglomerate (as defined below) that operates, among other things, an online e-commerce platform under the URL or a URL that could be provided by Alibaba and through its mobile device application (together the AliExpress platform). .

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