Article Xi Of The Wto Agreement

3. With regard to existing national taxes which are incompatible with paragraph 2 but which have been expressly authorised under a trade agreement in force on 10 April 1947 which links the import duty on the taxed product to an increase, the Contracting Party which bears the tax shall be free to defer the application of paragraph 2 to that tax: until it can obtain authorization. obligations arising from that trade agreement in order to allow for the increase of that tax to the extent necessary to compensate for the elimination of the protective element of the tax. (c) The Contracting Parties, in agreement with the International Monetary Fund, shall establish rules for the conversion of currencies by the Parties, for which several exchange rates shall be maintained in accordance with the Articles of the International Monetary Fund Agreement. For the purposes of paragraph 2 of this Article, either Party may apply these provisions in lieu of the use of nominal values. Pending the adoption of such provisions by the Parties, either Party may apply to such currencies conversion rules for the purposes of paragraph 2 aimed at effectively reflecting the value of that currency in commercial transactions. 3. The agreements and associated legal instruments set out in Annex 4 (`plurilateral trade agreements`) shall also be linked to the Members which adopted them and to their Members. Plurilateral trade agreements do not create obligations or rights for members who have not accepted them. 6. Any Party which is not a member of the Fund shall become a member of the Fund within a period to be determined by the PARTIES after consultation with the Fund or, failing that, shall conclude a special exchange agreement with the Contracting Parties. A party that is no longer a member of the Fund shall immediately enter into a special exchange agreement with the parties. Any special exchange agreement concluded by a Contracting Party under this paragraph shall then be part of its obligations under this Agreement.

2. The instruments and associated instruments listed in Annexes 1, 2 and 3 (hereinafter referred to as `multilateral trade agreements`) shall form an integral part of this Agreement and shall be binding on all Members. 9. At the request of Members which are parties to a trade agreement, the Ministerial Conference may decide by mutual agreement only to include this Agreement in Annex 4. At the request of members party to a plurilateral trade agreement, the Ministerial Conference may decide to withdraw this Agreement from Annex 4. 7. (a) A special exchange agreement between a Contracting Party and the Contracting Parties referred to in paragraph 6 of this Article shall provide, to the satisfaction of the Contracting Parties, that the objectives of this Agreement shall not be thwarted by trade measures taken by the Party concerned. .

. . .