Commercial Agreements Executive British Airways

3.6 Applicants will receive a membership number and the company`s author, program administrator, traveller and all nominated travel agencies will receive a unique identifier and password. Multiple membership in the same territory is not permitted and a company must have only one program account, unless it has a separate SBU operating in the same territory. In the event of dual membership in a territory (along with those of the SBU), all memberships in that area (with the first membership approved by us) will be terminated and all bonus points will be carried over to an account. 3.7 By indicating your membership number and/or participating in the program, you accept terms and conditions and business information. This is in addition to your acceptance of the terms of participation. 3.8 Changes to your business account profile need to be updated online in; Upon request, we must provide written proof of such changes. 3.9 Correspondence is sent to the email address indicated on request or in accordance with paragraph 3.2. 3.10 We are not responsible for late, lost or poorly controlled emails. 3.11 Correspondence from you to us should be sent to the Business Services Centre or by email from the business website. They should not be sent to another email or postal address.

3.12 We may limit certain elements of the programme to certain categories of Member States. 3.13 The program is not an association of members or owners. 11.1 Reward flight bookings and reward flight bookings may be changed at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight on the premium itinerary. Changes in premium flight upgrades are subject to the fare rules of the original commercial booking class. 11.2 Changes can be made by the author of the company, the program administrator, the designated travel agent or the travel staff via On Business or through your local business service centre. 11.3. Authorized changes are limited to the date and time of a relevant flight and are subject to capacity limitations. Name changes are not allowed. You can charge a service fee for an authorized change in your booking of a premium flight or a premium upgrade booking, or an additional fee to cover taxes, fees and fees. 12.1 You can request that your reward and reward flight bookings be processed online through My Booking or through your local business services centre, provided the cancellations are made at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the first flight in the premium itinerary.

Premium flights or premium flight upgrades cannot be refunded. 12.2 Refunds of the ticket value of a reward flight upgrade booking depend on the fare rules of the commercial ticket purchased. 12.3 If you are cancelled, you can claim an online refund of taxes, fees and fees related to your premium flight or premium upgrade. 12.4 If you cancel a premium flight or flight upgrade or premium ticket for travel with you, all premium flight points or premium flight upgrades will be credited again to your account if you cancel a premium flight or premium flight upgrade booking for your travel with us. 12.5 You can pay a service fee for cancelling your premium flight booking or booking premium flights or additional fees for re-crediting your points. 12.6 If you do not use a premium flight or premium upgrade for any reason, including the fact that travelling staff do not arrive at the airport on time, the airline will be noted at the time of a subsequent booking or refund and the points cannot be rescreated. Frequent Flyer Program (FFP) refers to a program in which individual frequent flyers are rewarded as regular customers of licensed business partners. Earn more points per £1, while moving through all three levels.