Commercial Entity Agreement Square

Your use of a payment method may be subject to separate terms applicable to the payment method. For example, Visa and Mastercard may require you to enter into an agreement with payment Method Acquirer for Visa and Mastercard transactions. The acquirers of payment methods for Visa and Mastercard transactions are Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., and BBVA USA. By using payment settlement services for the transmission of Visa or Mastercard fees, you agree to the Wells Fargo Financial Services Terms and bbva USA Financial Services Terms. See section C.5 and section C.6 below for more details. You represent and warrant that the statements made in your request for agreement are true at the time of your consent to be bound by this agreement. By accepting this agreement (by electronic consent to acceptance or otherwise), the member authorizes to carry out any credit check deemed necessary in respect of you. By accepting this Agreement (by “click” or otherwise), you agree to the terms of this Agreement and all documents that will be incorporated by reference, including the Card Organization Rules. The merchant also agrees that this agreement constitutes a legally binding contract between the merchant and the member. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved to the member.

b. Restricted Operations and Activities: You may not use the Services to allow any person (including you) to benefit from activities identified by Stripe as restricted or limited activity (all “Restricted Businesses”). Restricted businesses include the use of the services in or for the benefit of a country, organization, company, or person that has been embargoed or blocked by a government, including on sanctions lists identified by the United States Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC). This agreement is a service agreement. We disclaim all assurances or warranties, express or implied, made against you or any other person, including, but not limited to, warranties of quality, fitness, fitness for a particular purpose or other services or goods provided in connection with the services provided under this Agreement, to the extent permitted by law. In accordance with the provisions of this AZES, the Acquirer may terminate its provision of credit and debit card processing services and request PayPal to enforce any provision of the Licensee`s agreement(s) with PayPal (“PayPal Agreement”) between the Distributor and PayPal. Why am I being asked to sign an agreement on a commercial enterprise, and what does this mean for my company? This Agreement represents the entire agreement between you and the Member with respect to the matters contained therein and supersedes all prior agreements between the parties. For clarity, this agreement does not replace the seller agreement between you and ShootProof. You agree that you did not rely on any statement by the member or its representatives to enter into this agreement.

The parties acknowledge and agree that this Agreement applies only to transaction data generated in the United States; and (ii) it is a commercial services contract. This Agreement will be effective on the date you approve this Agreement (by an electronic acceptance statement or otherwise) and will continue until you use the ShootProof Service or until you or the Member are terminated….