Cpp Social Security Agreement

Yes, your wife`s social security should not be reduced by more than 1/2 of your QPP. Hello Margaret – If you worked in Canada after the age of 18, you are entitled to a CPP retirement pension, whether or not you return to Canada. However, the amount will be quite small, with the maximum being about $28.50 for each year of maximum income. You may also be entitled to an AEO pension under the Canada/U.S. agreement, but that amount is only about $14.50 for each full year you resided in Canada after age 18. To claim U.S. or Canadian benefits under the agreement, follow the instructions in the “Benefit Entitlements” section. Here`s an off-the-wall question for you. I worked 28 quarters in the United States – the balance sheet of my professional life was in Canada (I am 74 years old). I was collecting OAS/CPP. Recently, international agreements allowed me to qualify for an additional SocSec pension in the United States, based on my work history there. In the process of my investigation, I was able to find that my contributions to US Soc Sec totaled $34,000.00, plus my employer contributed in the same way. That was starting in 2009, when I came back to Canada.

So, $68,000.00 have been sitting in the US SocSec pool for nearly 10 years…. I`m grateful to have qualified for the US socSec benefits, but the fact is that $68,000.00+ interest over 9 years was rightly mine – partial benefits for my working time in the US. But my question is, wouldn`t there be a contract or process that would allow me to recover the considerable contributions I made to Unemployment + Medicare, which I was not allowed to use as a TN worker? It just seems that these funds were once again part of the benefit package that was borne by me and my employer…. Are you aware of this situation? Any guide would be helpful. I want you to know that through your website here and the various online chats, I even discovered the existence of these international contracts. It took a year of treatment, but it ended up paying off! The same information required to obtain a certificate of coverage from the United States is required to obtain a certificate of coverage from Canada or Quebec, except that you must present your Canadian social security number and not your U.S. number. .

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