“Poetry For The Poisoned” Now Available WORLDWIDE!

Kamelot - Poetry For The Poisoned

Poetry For The Poisoned album cover

Kamelot’s new masterpiece “Poetry for the Poisoned” will hit the stores today in North America; previously the album was already released in Europe and Japan, so be sure to go to your local music shop and get your favourite album edition: Limited Edition CD+DVD (Media Book for Europe and Digipack for North America), Standard Jewel Case and the beautiful Double Gatefold Vinyl. If you prefer to order the album online you can do it throught the special website www.poetryforthepoisoned.com and show your support to the band. Read more →

“Poetry For the Poisoned” now available in Europe!

Today is the big day in Europe!

If you have not already pre-ordered, our latest epic “Poetry For The Poisoned” is now available in stores across all European territories! We worked really hard to continue and deliver top notch Kamelot metal for you all, so please show your support by picking up the album at your favorite music shop.

If you would like to order online, please visit www.poetryforthepoisoned.com and select your country from there. We’ve listed a bunch of quality retailers who carry the new album. Read more →

Additional 25 tickets for ProgPower USA available!

Since the ProgPower USA show will now will be a one-off show, ProgPower USA has made available 25 additional tickets to the Friday night show (Kamelot headlining).

As you may know, the show is SOLD OUT and these tickets were made specially available for fans of Kamelot.

If you want to catch a special show with Michael from Circus Maximus filling in (and special guests), now is your chance!

ProgPower USA additional tickets, while supplies last (25 total)

Kamelot Postpone Full North American Tour

Hi Kamelot Nation.

As many of you know, Roy has fallen ill and could not make the North American tour.

We have been rehearsing like madmen here in Tampa — the band is tighter than ever and Michael from Circus Maximus is truly an amazing singer; if there is one male vocalist in this world who is on par with Roy, it is Michael! However, after today’s rehearsal, we all decided that we do not feel right about doing the North American tour as anything less than a 100% Kamelot Experience. We appreciate that many fans have waited more than 2 years for new material and to see us perform together. Read more →

Kamelot singer falls ill, North American Tour To Go On!

The following statement was made by the band:

Hello Kamelot Nation,

The band and crew are all here in Tampa rehearsing for the tour – Visas have been cleared and the guys are in good spirits and ready to party with all of you. However, during rehearsals, Roy became severely ill. Due to this, as yet undiagnosed, illness, Roy reluctantly has been forced to head back home to Norway. He is currently under his physician’s care, but unfortunately these circumstances will prevent him from joining us on the North American concert tour. Of course, we want Roy to take care of his health as priority one for now and for the future. After much consideration on how to proceed, all of us in Kamelot feel strongly about keeping our commitment to our fans, promoters, and support bands on this tour! Read more →

Kamelot.com exclusive interview with Thomas Youngblood

by: Kamelot Nation’s Pako

Thomas Youngblood

Thomas Youngblood 2010 photo Oliver Reetz

Pako: It has been a long period to see Kamelot setting a new standard in the Metal scene. Which factors do you think have been importants to make this possible?

TY: Originality is foremost. Also trying to develop new ideas and sounds within the structure of the band. We work very hard on this, trying to avoid repeating something we have done in the past as well as making something that will stand the test of time. The same goes into the artwork and touring. Read more →