Kamelot updates

Hello Kamelot Fans!

Lots going on at the moment with the band. They are working on some songwriting as well as gearing up for the upcoming North American Tour in Aug/Sept. The tour is shaping up to be a real killer package, we have Alestorm (Scotland), Blackguard (Canada) and The Agonist (Canada) as support.

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European Tour 2011 Recap

The European Tour is now over, it was freaking amazing! Special thanks to all the fans for making this tour so special. Thanks to the bands Evergrey, Amaranthe, Sons of Seasons and Circus Maximus – you all gave 100% everynight and everyone got along great! Our amazing crew, the best on the planet! Guests Fabio, Simone, Tommy and Elize, forever part of the family. See you all in 2013 for the next exciting chapter! Next Up North American Tour!


Kamelot statement

With a heavy heart we can now announce that Roy Khan has chosen to leave the band. We wanted to give him ample time for this kind of decision, due to his recent burnout and also the amount of amazing times we have shared with him in Kamelot. We respectfully accept his resignation from the band and wish him the best in his future endeavors.

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Latin America Tour Recap

Hello Kamelotians!!

We are just back from a whirlwind tour of Latin America. We had an amazing time and we are already missing all you that shared the nights with us. One thing is for sure, we will be back as soon as possible to party with you again. We would like to thank all the fans that met us at the airport, hotels and our the concert halls, thanks to all the promoters involved, our amazing crew (see you in a few days for Europe), and our course Fabio, Simone and Elize for their fantastic job on stage with us. The final show in Mexico City was a great high note to the tour, see you all very soon!! Next up, Europe – get ready to rumble!