“With this video, we gave Owe (Director) free reign to create something unique and visually stunning. Him and his team did a fantastic job! Here you have Necropolis!” – Thomas/Kamelot

In other news, the band is busy working on new songs and continuing to review audition videos for the singer position. “We are getting real close to making a choice, there are some amazingly talented singers out there.” – states Kamelot’s bassist Sean Tibbetts. “We are taking our time on this, the vocals for the new album will be done last, like always. So there is no rush to make the decision now.” Kamelot will return to Gate Studios/Germany starting in January with Sascha Paeth producing. The production is expected to be several months long and will include special guests, orchestra arrangements and much more. This album will be the follow up to ‘Poetry for the Poisoned’. “The new songs are really coming along great, lots of variation, melody and energy.” – adds Kamelot’s guitarist Thomas Youngblood. Next live show for Kamelot will be the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise in January! See tour page for ticket info!