Dear Fans & Friends,

This September KAMELOT will bring the SILVERTHORN TOUR 2013 to North America! It will be a big Metal party, with our friends Delain and Eklipse.

As many of you know, Simone and I are expecting our first child, who decided to make it’s entrance in the spotlight right when I wanted to tour with my band, so instead of making this part of the tour, I will be here welcoming our new addition to the Kamelot family!

The good news is: A good friend and fantastic musician will take my place behind the keys – Coen Janssen from EPICA. Since we toured already many times together and he knows the songs by heart he’s without doubt the best choice for the job. I wish him all the best and success; he will have a great time with my band mates from KAMELOT and is a fantastic performer. I will be back on stage for the European Tour in November, with new skills like fast diaper changing, baby rocking or lullaby singing. See you there!

Thanks for your support!!
Oliver Palotai


Hello dear Kam-nation,

I am absolutely honored to have been asked to fill in the spot for one of my favorite musicians in one of my favorite bands. As you might know, Oliver replaced me when Epica was on tour and I was having my first child. A moment in life which you do not want to miss… So I’m very glad to be able to return the favor!!

I clearly recall the moment I heard Kamelot’s music for the first time. A friend gave me a tape of “The Fourth Legacy” and I was immediately struck by the atmosphere and the haunting melodies of that album. Who knew I would be meeting them a few years later, support them on the road with my own band (named after that album) and getting to know them very well. Imagine how excited I am to share the stage on a full tour!!

See you all on the road!!

Coen Janssen