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Live reviews

Great reviews from the Silverthorn Tour coming in daily, here is just one sample!:

Rock Hard France (Paris show)
“After seeing such a dynamic show, you can’t doubt Kamelot is still around for 10 more years at least. What a beautiful rebirth!”.

Silverthorn European Tour 2012 Recap!

Back home and drained of all energy. We put it all on stage over the past month and it was worth every single second! I want to thank my amazing band mates Tommy, Casey, Sean, Oliver and of course our amazing female singer Elize Ryd, I get the honor to share the stage with you guys and girl every night. Pure fun, dedication to excellence and unity that transcends all. Continue reading

“Silverthorn” #1 on Amazon Heavy Metal chart!

Kamelot’s new album “Silverthorn” goes directly to the #1 on Amazon Heavy Metal charts in Germany, United Kingdom and France. Thanks to all our fans! See you all on tour and let’s the party continues.

VIP Upgrade for European Tour 2012 available!

Hi Kamelot Nation,

Caring to make up with fans’ disappointement regarding VIP cancellation from Artist Arena we decided to arrange VIP direct with the venues. We know it’s late but all orders will be processed asap and now the VIP is in most of the cities! You will also get to take a photo with the band after the meet and greet. Quantities are limited! Please remember you’ll have to purchase concert tickets separately.