Kamelot - Poetry For The Poisoned

Poetry For The Poisoned album cover

Kamelot’s new masterpiece “Poetry for the Poisoned” will hit the stores today in North America; previously the album was already released in Europe and Japan, so be sure to go to your local music shop and get your favourite album edition: Limited Edition CD+DVD (Media Book for Europe and Digipack for North America), Standard Jewel Case and the beautiful Double Gatefold Vinyl. If you prefer to order the album online you can do it throught the special website www.poetryforthepoisoned.com and show your support to the band.

Here are some reviews from magazines, websites and more:

20/20- “Once again, Kamelot deliver something unique for every fan out there with the album of the year, worthy enough to be listed amongst their highest Achievements and beyond.” SpiritOfMetal.com

9/10 – “…they proclaim and demand your attention with every track…Kamelot can do no wrong…” MyGlobalMind.info

9/10 – “Kamelot releases with ‘Poetry For The Poisoned’ another masterpiece. A must-have!” Rock It! Magazine

6/7 – “Great!” Metal Hammer Magazine

9.5/10 – “Kamelot positively celebrate their remarkable musicality on ‘Poetry For The Poisoned’ and outrange themselves another time when it comes to composition and production of their own epics.” Hard Times Magazine

“KAMELOT do not only outmatch themselves, they also beat EVERY other band.” PowerMetal4Ever.de

4.25/5 – “There’s enough meat there to hook you on a first listen, but it’s when you get sucked into it that the beauty of it is revealed.” StereoKiller.com

6/7- “‘Poetry For The Poisoned’ is a relevation for every metal fan!” Piranhia