Here are the winning entries for the Poisoned Pen contest!

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Kamelot Poisoned Pen Contest

Break-Up Letter
by: Meagan Hotz

Many days have passed, and I think it is finally time that we say farewell.
The prologue was years before, and now it feels too late
Now I’ve come to state my feelings, but the season’s end has come,
and the epilogue now must come to pass.

I know we’ve seen struggles;
you, and I, our karma intermingling and
our shared ego of being center of the universe
but it doesn’t do us well to wander in these mixed emotions,
between wanting to rule the world
and being completely abandoned in our love.

There was a time when I would say I love you to death.
Can you remember the time you would say the same?
Yet in the silence of the darkness we knew,
our glory was fading to the moonlight.
The spell you cast on me, the light I shine on you
yet even on the coldest winter night, we could never find solace together.

When the lights are down, we move like the shadows,
fleeting and quiet and unwilling to carry on.

But don’t you cry
this pain fell upon us both
A haunting feeling gnaws my heart and
makes me believe that you may feel lost and damned because of me
but I plead, you do not
Take this opportunity to turn a poor serenade into an anthem for the times to come.

Do not play an eternal game of solitaire
and find a new allegiance
Know that nothing ever dies;
we only change, eternally onwards.

And you,
know that until kingdom come,
I will remember you for all you have done.

And I,
even as the snow falls, or the mourning star wanes
hope that you do the same for me.

by: Luis Aponte

The fragile balance of life
so simply disrupted,
a child’s innocence
as easily corrupted.

The balance in which
our souls lie in wait,
for the inevitable
brought on by fate.

The complexity of our minds
sharpened by times caress,
yet the ideals awakened
never cease to repress.

Experience brings evolution
to the feelings within our heart,
and fuels the passion
that creates our art.

And such things are born
for time to test,
like a band called kamelot
that is the best.

Anthem of a Dream
by: Danielle Howden

Take my hand lead me away
to the kings of Kamelot
Take my hand lead me astray
climb aboard my train of thought
escape from this reality
this illusion we call life
away from all normality
from where tragedy is rife
sing me a song, a lullaby
send a dream to me
a place for only you and I
a place where dreams run free
where life is just a constant song
a symphony for the soul
when hiding in the dark so long
the darkness takes its toll
as the music comes alive
so do the creatures of the night
but memories survive
and rise in perfect light
when I wake from this illusion
things wont be what they seem
Surrounded by the worlds confusion
and the anthem of a dream

Children of the Dark Angel
by: Holly Schmidt

There’s a new society,
Birthed from eternity,
Stained by the dark angel.

He knew our weakness,
We were defenseless.
Why had we been abandoned?

He showed us a way to live,
Sent us through the deadly sieve,
Sent to the center of the universe.

This is nowhere near a paradise.
Acting as the tools of his device,
If only karma will be our avenger.

Here we are fed and we thrive,
Upon those who are still alive.
All we want is to rule a world.

We are the children of the dark angel;
We wandered in his path and there we fell.
This is the fate of those who are lost and damned.

Breathe; A Story of The Poisoned Pen
by: Avalon Starcher

Silently it speaks to me
And beautiful
That voice that sends
Racing through my veins

Far across the sea
Is calling me
Deep inside my soul
Music fills
Each empty hole

Breathing in the sounds
Watching every
Note that flies
Feeling every pound
As the drum
Beats pierce the sky

Heavy notes that quake
I can feel
The earth that shakes
Dispelling all my fear
Sound that rings
Perfect and clear

A melody
Graceful and pure
Leaves whispers in my ear
In that sweet song,
And in that sound,
Is all I long to hear

Across the Lake of
Where all of my thoughts dwell
Up through the mist, rise
Through it all lies
Kamelot where, my heart is still

To think it starts so
Simply as
With paper and a pen
Such simple things
Can touch the soul
Time and time again

So ever still
Your poisoned pen
Is calling out to me
A hope in living
For tomorrow
And following my dreams