I tried very hard to find even a small disadvantage in this album but I failed. This album does not have any weak parts at all. This band still kick asses! “Silverthorn” totally worths the anticipation! – Burst (Greece)

The lush sounding album impresses alongside mature symphonic elements and choral passages especially through the effective cooperation between hard guitar riffs, driving drumbeats and outstanding keyboard elements. For the listener the result is a very emotionally charged metal symphony which takes the listener into a phantasy world, but also into the pulsating center of the melodic metal-olymp. 14/15 – (Germany)

Silverthorn is simply excellent, a slice of mammoth metal majesty that should serve to satisfy the choir and convert the skeptics. 10/10 – Outburn Magazine (USA)

If you want to be inspired by a new powerfull wave of nonchalant melodies, Silverthorn is the right address. 9.5/10 – Time for Metal (Germany)

They have produced one of the most exciting albums of the year. – Sea of Tranquility (USA)

Kamelot fans should not miss this album, because it’s one of their strongest efforts in their career. Above that every symphonic metal fan should get it too, because you can call Silverthorn easily a highlight in this genre. 6.5/7 – Hard Harder Heavy (Germany)

Silverthorn is the hottest candidate for the beset (Melodic) Metal album of the year! 5/5 – Stormbringer (Austria)

Kamelot unleashes another epic, compelling and entertaining album of melodic progressive power metal in Silverthorn. Strongly recommended. 5/5 – Dangerdog (USA)

Bombast Metal with progressive streaks and light power metal interludes from the past bring the album close to the achievements of their hit albums “Epica” and “The Black Halo”. 9.5/10 – Crossfire Metal (Germany)

With “Silverthorn”, Kamelot has created a masterpiece that will propel them to the next level in the world of metal. Well done gentlemen, very well done! 9.5/10 – The Metal Pit (Canada)

Probably one of the best, if not the best Kamelot album ever! Tommy, you have an epic voice. Buy it, listen to it, love it! 9.5/10 – Metalglory (Germany)

With the new-found energy of their clearly dedicated, passionate frontman, there is no doubt in my mind that Kamelot will continue to release quality heavy metal for years to come. Recommended! 4.5/5 – Powerline (USA)

Bottom line, “Silverthorn” might as well be Kamelot’s finest record to date and you couldn’t ask more from Tommy Karevik debut, which we all hope will remain in the band for many and long years. 10/10 – Metal Global (Portugal)

Every member of the band – first of all new singer Karevik – delivers the maximum of passion on their parts, which raises this monumental work into an exceptional position. 10/10 – Rock It! (Germany)

9/10 – Today’s Metal (Bulgaria)

6/6 – Scream Magazine (Norway)

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