What Is Alabama Stars Transfer Agreement

To facilitate the development of a national transfer/joint program, the Alabama General Studies Committee (AGSC) has developed a national general education program (“general education”) for Section 16-5-8 of the Alabama Code. The curriculum consists of five areas that outline the general minimum content of academic content, which is covered in the years leading up to the transfer to a four-year institution in Alabama to ensure its content. THE GENERAL science program at AGSC includes studies in the fields of written composition, visual arts, science and mathematics, as well as history, social sciences and behavioral sciences. Since all star transfer guides are based on current curriculum standards, as required by the various university committees, this information changes regularly. In most cases, STARS information will be updated quickly after regular AGSC meetings (every 2-3 months). However, if necessary, STARS Staff can make changes at any time. Click here to learn about changes that affect the content of STARS transfer guides. Every time our office changes or updates a specific transfer manual, we publish a summary of the change on this page. The page is coded in color to help end-users distinguish changes. Are you afraid that the courses you complete with Southern Union will not be transferred to your college or university in the state of Alabama? Suspend these concerns by following stars (Statewide Transfer Articulation and Reporting System) while you`re at SUSCC. A system called STARS (Statewide Transfer and Articulating Reporting System) helps ensure that the credits you earn at your community university are actually transferred. The STARS guide shows you the courses you can take for your career or your main part.

Why should you try stars? You can print a copy of the contract between you and the university, which is a guarantee for accepting the credit. All alabama public universities have STARS agreements with the college. Many private universities have also developed transfer guides to help students more. Important program courses can only be entrusted to regionally accredited four-year institutions, with the prior permission of the head of department. Only 6 hours of main courses can be transferred. The STARS system allows you to obtain a Transfer Guide/Agreement for the most important of your choice. The agreement guides you through your first two years of study and prevents the loss of credit hours when transferring to the University of Alabama and Culverhouse College of Business. Please print your agreement and agree to your Bama Bound Session.