Workable Data Processing Agreement

Wherever your organisation is headquartered (even if you are outside the EU), the RGPD applies to you when you process the personal data of EU citizens. We will stop all data as long as we are obliged to provide the services to the customer and then, until we delete the customer`s account according to our terms and conditions. Workable technology allows us to browse different databases – some publicly available and some not, that may contain your personal data (including your CV or summary) to find potential candidates to fill our job offers. Where we find you this way, we receive your personal data from these sources. Workable gives us the ability to link the data you have provided to other publicly available information about you that you have posted on the internet – this may include sources like LinkedIn and other social media profiles. The RGPD applies to companies that process data from EU citizens. This applies to EU organisations and companies in non-EU countries that provide goods or services to EU citizens or monitor their behaviour. All of these organizations are expected to comply with the law on May 25, 2018. Otherwise, they may be fined up to 4% of their global annual turnover (revenue) or 20 million euros, depending on the most important time. Companies can also damage their reputations through fines or reprimands. If you have any questions about this privacy policy or would like to report a possible data breach, please contact [email protected]. Please note that Workable`s data protection representative responds to requests sent to [email protected]. You are considered the RGPD when your organization sets up and collects data “for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes.” This means that as long as your organization has been transparent and has informed the candidate of the use you have made of the information they have provided, you will not have to obtain explicit consent for the processing of your data.

You can connect your Google account to your Workable account to use certain workable features such as importing Gmail and syncing and planning with Google Calendar. This is done through OAuth authentication, a secure mechanism that allows Workable to access your Google account data without sharing your password with Workable. They must verify that the supplier has one of the mechanisms in place to transfer personal data outside the EU. Safe Harbour was once the most common, but after its fall, the following things are still considered valid: Is that all I need to know to make sure my data and those of my customers are safe? If you are applying for a vacancy notice through the application function on a construction site or by a similar online service provider (“Partner”), you should note that the partner concerned may retain your personal data and collect information from us regarding the progress of your application. Any use of your data by the partner is in accordance with the partner`s privacy policy. The EU and the US have different legal approaches to data security. To put it simply, the EU considers them human rights and the US sees it as a consumer protection issue. This was not the case when the Safe Harbor Agreement, which allowed US companies to certify compliance with EU data protection legislation, was invalidated by the European Court of Justice. [ CLIENT NAME, address, registration number, etc., with all names or business names that may be more familiar to the person concerned] (“We,” “We”) are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.