Y Combinator Sales Agreement

💪Get serious 📋 Founder Accord: this form consists of a short and simple business creation agreement that defines the most fundamental structure for collaboration on a new idea or project likely to become a business. In addition, users can choose to provide a Gnosis multisig Wallet -Open, rent ESQ to submit an LLC. Note: These documents are from ycombinator.com/seriesaa.html contain the following disclaimer (on this website): Y Combinator and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich -Rosati are pleased to unveil the AA Equity Financing Documents series. Its objective is to facilitate fishing financing cycles for startups for both parties. These documents were originally created for YC-funded startups to use when installing angel rounds. You seem to have worked well in the study ru… Morens show so far, so we can open it. Although they are not suitable for all situations, the aim was to make the terms fairly neutral. While we of course advise both parties to use these documents for review by their lawyers, they provide a starting point that we hope can be used in many situations without too many amendments. Of course, neither YC nor WSGR assumes any responsibility for the use of these documents.

Note for importers: The formatting still needs to be improved in the lower sections. “new securities,” any capital stock (including common shares and/or preferred shares) of the Company, whether or not it has been approved, as well as rights, convertible bonds, options or warrants for the acquisition of that capital stock and securities of any kind that are or may be explorable; to the extent that the term “new securities” does not include: equities and transfer action; up to [adjusted for dividends, combinations, share fractions, recapitalizations, etc.) securities issued or sold to company officers, employees, directors, consultants, investment agents and other service providers (or subsidiary) under a stock grant, option plans, purchase plans, agreements or other incentive agreements for employees approved by the Company`s Board of Directors; securities issued in connection with the conversion or exercise of convertible or exerciseable warrants or securities at the time of this contract; securities issued or distributed in the form of dividends or distribution on preferred shares of the Company, or in any event limited, for which an adjustment is made in accordance with paragraph 3 (d), paragraph (e) or Article 3, point (f), of the company`s certificate of incorporation; Securities offered pursuant to a good faith and fixed public offering pursuant to a declaration of registration rights under the Securities Act; securities issued or revaluable as a result of the acquisition of another company by the company by merger, acquisition of the bulk of all assets or other restructurings or joint venture agreements, provided that these issues are approved by the company`s board of directors; Securities issued by banks, equipment lenders or other financial institutions in connection with a leasing or debt financing transaction approved by the company`s board of directors; Securities that may be issued or fuelled in connection with research, cooperation, technology licensing, development, OEM, marketing or similar strategic agreements or partnerships that have been approved by the company`s board of directors; Securities issued in connection with the provision of goods or services related to the provision of goods or services in transactions approved by the Company`s Board of Directors; Company securities that are otherwise excluded by the unanimous vote of the company`s board of directors; and any right, option or share warrant, to acquire security that may be converted into securities that are excluded from the definition of new securities subject to subsections (i) to (x).