“I Am The Empire – Live from the O13” Out Now!

Dear Kamelotians,

Today, Symphonic Metal masters Kamelot have finally released the bombastic live album I Am The Empire – Live from the O13, demostrating the band’s excepcional stage presence and quality straight to their most dedicated fans from all over the world. To celebrate this glorious event, the band around mastermind Thomas Youngblood presents the third video taken from the new live album: the stunning and very first performance of Under Grey Skies, featuring Charlotte Wessels (Delain), taken from the chart-breaking Haven album (2015).

Get your copy of I Am The Empire – Live from the O13 at the following location!
Europe: https://napalmrecords.com/english/kamelot
America: https://www.napalmrecordsamerica.com/kamelot