“Shadows Over North America Tour 2018” Recap

Hello Kamelot Nation!!

The Shadows Over North America Tour 2018 has come to an end. It was an amazing, exciting and incredibly fun tour not to mention our biggest attendance in the band’s history.

We want to thank the great people in Battle Beast and Delain for joining us on this journey together and kicking ass every night! We want to thank our amazing crew for their incredibly hard work and dedication to one thing, a great show for the fans! We have to thank our wonderful guest singer Lauren Hart (Once Human) for her amazing performance and energy. You will see her again! Alex Landenburg (CyHra/LT Rhapsody) for stepping in seamlessly. And finally we want to thank the fans, you were all amazing and inspiring. Together we feel like we made some incredible moments on and off stage and we are proud to have you as our extended family!

Next up some Summer festivals, starting with Masters of Rock on July 14. Make sure to check our Tour Section for EU dates so far!